YANA Virtual Relaxation Comes To The Samsung Gear VR

If the hectic pace of modern life or even virtual reality (VR) gets the better you then put your feet up and enjoy a bit of time to chill out with YANA Virtual Relaxation on Oculus Home for Gear VR. Developed and published by The Campfire Union Inc, YANA Virtual Relaxation is a unique title to simply enjoy.

YANA Virtual Relaxation doesn’t require the viewer to do anything apart from sitting back, relax, listen to the ambient music and watch as the scene progresses from day to night and back again. Watch as the sky fills with stars and the moon rises, birds fly over, a catamaran glides across the moonlit waters then immerse yourself in the comforting glow of a beautiful sunrise and the day begins anew.

YANA Virtual Relaxation

Currently there is only Dagat Beach available for the experience with no further information from The Campfire Union on further updates and priced at $1.99 for the nine minute runtime.

The Campfire Union has a range of other titles in development including Lost Cities: Virtual Reality Edition based on a board game, Mushroomoon which is being submitted to the Oculus Mobile VR Jam and Tower Crane VR, a VR experience aimed to inspire young adults to enter a career as a crane operator.

VRFocus will be here with any further updates or announcements from The Campfire Union.