World War Toons To Use Playstation Move With Project Morpheus

We’ve already had one example of Playstation Move integration in a virtual reality (VR) videogames in the run up to this year’s E3 in Los Angeles, California. In that instance an article in Wired claimed the motion controller would act as part of an official gun-shaped peripheral for one demo.

Now we have more concrete proof of the use of Move with Project Morpheus, this time in conjunction with a game we are very familiar with – Reload Studio’s cartoon first-person shooter World War Toons. 

The evidence comes in the from a tweeted photo from Dean Johnson, Senior Vice President of Creative Innovation at British-based digital experience company Brandwidth. The picture clearly shows Mr. Johnson controlling the action with a Move device.

World War Toons / Playstation Move

How the Move is actually integrated in to World War Toons we will endeavour to find out as VRFocus continues to look to bring you updates on any and all videogames for Project Morpheus and other VR head-mounted displays (HMDs).