World War Toons E3 Trailer

As VRFocus has previously reported Reload Studios, the developer which will celebrate its first anniversary next month has released for the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) a new trailer for World War Toons.

World War Toons is the first online multiplayer, first person shooter (FPS) for virtual reality (VR) and has been built from the ground up especially for VR with each feature designed to optimise the experience. The player can chose to be either allies or axis with each having their own unique look and style. The game allows on the fly switching of classes by simply picking up a different class of gun, and crazy power-ups to help turn the tide of battle. There is also the tank option to really ramp up the fire power.

Reload Studios has created a fun, tongue in cheek FPS that’s designed to give VR gamers a smooth, comfortable ride in a first of its kind VR videogame.

VRFocus will be following Reload Studios for further news, and any updates on World War Toons.