Watch The Wayward Sky E3 Trailer

Over the last few days there has been a number of interesting virtual reality (VR) announcements at the various press conferences being held for the E3 2015, in Los Angeles. One of these came from independent developer Uber Entertainment, with their latest project Wayward Sky.

Wayward Sky is a third person single player adventure game that focuses on atmosphere and storytelling through light puzzle solving. You are a young co-pilot flying with your father when you crash into a mysterious fortress that emerges out of the clouds. With your father kidnapped and plane in ruins, you set out to explore the flying fortress and rescue your father.

Uber Entertainment haven’t released any further details of the project other than the trailer below, but they were previously working on a Gear VR title, Ikarus for which a demo version was available at launch and now appears to have been cancelled in favour of bring it to Project Morpheus.

VRFocus will be at E3 to bring further coverage of Wayward Sky and other Project Morpheus releases.