Watch Microsoft’s HoloLens and Minecraft In Action At E3

One of the standout moments of Microsoft’s Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) briefing was its live demonstration of its HoloLens augmented reality (AR) system. Using a modified stage camera, Microsoft was able to show all those in attendance a version of the Windows Holographic system and show a small demo of the HoloLens version of Mojang’s ever popular Minecraft videogame.

Watch the video below as, whilst in complete control of the 3D map, the player is able to navigate and interact with the land, even moving inside buildings to see the inside.

Minecraft has been at the forefront of Microsoft’s push for HoloLens since its announcement at the beginning of the year, though at the time many doubted it would ever amount to more than a tech demo. Now it certainly appears that Microsoft are taking the HoloLens version of Minecraft very seriously.

will continue to bring you all the latest news on Microsoft’s HoloLens system as well as more news on AR and virtual reality (VR) projects coming out of E3.