Vertigo Games Provides Another Look At The New HTC Vive Dev Kit

If you were with us this last week on VRFocus you’ll have been privy to a flood of news about the HTC Vive head-mounted display (HMD). As Valve began shipping out their refined, more mass produced development kits to studios and developers looking to work on virtual reality (VR) projects or continue ones they had already begun on the original dev kit.

HTC Vive

Whilst studios were generally coy about receiving their units at first this changed when VR developer Cloudhead Games, one of the studios already working with HTC Vive for their work on The Gallery: Six Elements, filmed an unboxing video going through all the technology sent to them by Valve. This was followed by the developers of Crystal Rift filming their own version.

Now another studio has filmed their own unboxing. Vertigo Games, the developers of Skyworld as well as Arizona Sunshine showing some more aspects of the pack left out by Cloudhead and also giving more direct comparisons between the new and old versions of the technology. For instance, the difference in look between the initial HTC Vive HMD and that now being shipped is quite surprising. If you have or have not seen the previous unboxing video it is still very much worth viewing this one to see how Valve and HTC’s technology is already evolving.

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