Unannounced Project Morpheus Exclusive Title Runs at 120 FPS Natively

Those who read VRFocus regularly will be fully aware of the issues that a low or unstable frame-rate can incur when enjoying a virtual reality (VR) experience, and the efforts that head-mounted display (HMD) manufacturers have been going to in order to counter this. One development studio however, is set to reveal a Project Morpheus exclusive title that runs at 120 frames-per-second (FPS) natively at the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3), Los Angeles, next week.

The PlayStation 4’s Project Morpheus features a reprojection system that buffers frames and ‘predicts’ where the player may be turning their head, allowing a 60fps experience to be upgraded by the hardware and output at 120fps. However, this new title, which is exclusive to Sony Computer Entertainment’s (SCE) HMD, will hit that frame-rate natively whilst still making use of the reprojection system.


Speaking to VRFocus, Mauro Fanelli, co-founder of MixedBag, the development studio having created this new title, stated: “I can confirm that it’s running at native 120fps with reprojection added on top to deliver the smoothest VR experience possible.”

This new title has not yet been announced, however is set to make it’s debut as part of SCE’s Project Morpheus showcase at E3 next week. VRFocus will be at E3 and will be meeting with MixedBag to discuss the project further, reporting back with all the latest details from the show floor.