Ubisoft Aiming to be ‘industry leader’ in VR, Working on Social Experiences

Ubisoft has shared an interesting history with virtual reality (VR) technology so far. Back in 2014 the company stated that it would need to see sales of one million head-mounted displays (HMDs) in order to make development on these platforms viable. Since then the company has revised its stance on VR somewhat, and has this week revealed a number of new experiences for the technology. What isn’t at E3 this week but actually pre-dates any of the company’s statements about VR is its work in social experiences in virtual environments.


David Votypka, the creative director of Ubisoft-owned developer Red Storm, revealed as much at this week’s event in Los Angeles, California, as reported by The Guardian. “When you experience table-top games or card games with your friends around a table, the social interactions you have are way more interesting and diverse than anything you get in online multiplayer games – we wanted to figure out how to capture some of that,” Votypka said. “We’ve built a social VR prototype and played it with people within Ubisoft – the concept has proven itself again and again.”

Red Storm reportedly has several social titles in development for the launch of the various VR platforms. Announcements are said to be arriving within the next few months. “I’m not talking about virtual chat rooms here,” he said. “I’m talking about games that are specifically design to have mechanics based around social cues, social dynamics and social interactions between players. These projects are just the beginning.”

Apparently this content will be a mix of well-known brands and new IP. “Our goal is to be an industry leader in amazing virtual reality experiences,” Votypka concluded. Elsewhere, the Ubisoft-published Trackmania Turbo is looking to support VR while there are three other experiences from the publisher that experiment with the technology.

VRFocus will continue to follow Ubisoft’s work in VR, reporting back with the latest updates from the company.