Superhypercube Exclusive for Project Morpheus

As VRFocus previously reported on the videogame demos available at Sony Computer Entertainment (SCE) E3 stand for the Project Morpheus head-mounted display (HMD), there is now further news on Superhypercube.  The videogame has now been announced as an exclusive for Project Morpheus by developer Kokoromi, and will be a launch title.

Superhypercube is a bright neon, first-person puzzler, first developed way back in 2008 for an event called gamma3D. The event was organised by Kokoromi to encourage game makers from around the world to create games in which stereoscopic (3D) truly impacted gameplay.


As the team at Kokoromi goes on to explain, ‘all the gamma3D games relied on a display technology called anaglyphic stereoscopy – think of those cool 50s style red/blue 3D movie glasses. Our “in-house” game, Superhypercube, went one step further, introducing headtracking using custom glasses based on the work of Johnny Chung Lee, so that players not only saw depth within the game world, they could physically move their bodies and look around the cubes and clusters to get a better sense of their size and shape’.

‘When motion cameras were eventually introduced, we re-visited the way headtracking worked within the game (earning an Indiecade finalist nod in the process), but were still dependent on red/cyan 3D glasses to create a powerful visual depth effect. In many ways, we’ve been watching technology develop over the last seven years to support our original gameplay vision—a truly physical puzzle game that is both fully enveloping and plays with your perception’.

‘And so, when VR came along (again), we knew the game had found its true home’.

Kokoromi a videogame/ art collective originally formed in Montreal in 2006 and VRFocus will be following the developer for any further updates on Superhypercube.

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