Stress Level Zero Reveals Hover Junkers for HTC Vive

With Valve and HTC’s Vive virtual reality (VR) head-mounted display (HMD) finally arriving for the first developers to apply for the kit, the device is one step closer to its holiday 2015 launch. There’s a lot to learn about the HMD in the run up to that launch, including getting a better look at some of the videogames that will arrive on it. A handful of experiences have already been revealed but today has seen indie developer Stress Level Zero announce its own VR project for the HTC Vive in Hover Junkers.

Announced over on Reddit, Hover Junkers is a first-person experience that allows players to pilot hovering platforms in ‘Room-Scale sized ships’. Room-Scale refers to the user-tracking in an area of up to 15 feet by 15 feet as provided by the Lighthouse laser-based device found in Valve’s Steam VR system. These ships can be fortified and players will use them to attack others. Multiplayer is set to feature in both a co-op and competitive capacity, including free for all and team deathmatch modes. Little else is known about the title right now, though the first screenshots can be seen below.

Hover Junkers will be exclusive to VR and is aiming to release along with the HTC Vive itself later on in the year. As for other platforms, the developer has said that it would like to bring the project to the Oculus Rift and even has a number of ‘seated’ ships to make up for the lack Room-Scale tracking. The team had noted past troubles with getting in contact with Oculus VR’s developer relations, but this was met with a response from the latter’s Callum Underwood, who provided contact information. An Oculus Rift port may yet happen, then, though other platforms are still up in the air.

VRFocus will continue to follow Hover Junkers, reporting back with the latest updates on the videogame.

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