SteamVR Beta Gets an Update

Valve and HTC’s Vive virtual reality (VR) head-mounted display (HMD) is finally starting to arrive at the door of a select group of developers that signed up to work with the kit earlier in the year. This means that a few lucky studios are getting their first taste of device’s unique features, including the user-tracking provided by Valve’s SteamVR system. Valve has also recently introduced a number of updates to the SteamVR Beta, which will be sure to help out those working with the device at this early stage.

HTC Vive

A first update to the beta fixed issues with deadlock when working with the Unity engine. The second, much larger update included a wide range of fixes that are listed in a changelog below.

VRFocus will continue to follow SteamVR closely, reporting back with any further updates on the system.


  • Launching the SteamVR app will now start VR Monitor. To switch Steam to VR mode, use the View menu in the Steam client.
  • Fixed VR Mode in Steam.

VR Compositor:

  • Added scene focus locking. This prevents two applications from fighting over which scene is drawing in the compositor. The newest application gets the lock and keeps it until it exits.
  • Automatically attempt to restore fullscreen when lost, but only if not already recently attempted.

VR Monitor:

  • Fixed base station display in room overview when bases installed upside-down.
  • changed how resources and other applications get started: the executable path is used to find the tools directory and not the runtime
  • implemented vrmonitor://open/settings/general | openvrpaths | reset to open settings specifically from the command line
  • implemented default behaviour when Oculus Rift DK2 is connected, and no chaperone data exists
  • implemented creation of default chaperone data for DK2 through Settings > Reset
  • implemented vrmonitor://ResetChaperoneToOculusDK2


  • More specific warning/error states for Chaperone related to removing or adding tracking objects to a Universe.
  • Auto migration of Chaperone data between Universes with similar tracking objects.
  • Fixed Chaperone reporting tracking Universe error for non-lighthouse tracking systems.

SteamVR Controllers:

  • Added early trigger press to the SteamVR controller that is included with the HTC Vive Developer Edition. The triggers should now report as “pressed” when they get close to the bottom even if the hardware switch hasn’t actually been pressed yet.