StarPort Dev Talks Social VR, Platforms and More

Many of the virtual reality (VR) experiences on display at E3 2015 this month were concerned with immersion and mechanics. These are of course essential pillars in creating convincing VR, but there were surprisingly few titles that focused on what is one of its most exciting aspects, multiplayer. The ability to connect players from around the globe in virtual environments is hugely promising, and the first glimpse of this potential could be seen in one title on display, Otherworld Interactive’s StarPort.

StarPort is a social VR experience in which two players can meet up online and take part in a number of competitive and collaborative experiences. VRFocus was impressed by its approach to virtual hangouts at the show, and also spoke to the developer’s Mike Murdock about the project. In the interview below, Murdock talks about social VR, platforms for StarPort, and more.

VRFocus will continue to follow StarPort closely, reporting back with the latest updates on the title.