Square Enix Working on Oculus Rift

A number of large videogame publishers have confirmed that they are working with virtual reality (VR) technology over the past few weeks. Ubisoft, for example, recently pledged to support VR, stating that it was a ‘big believer’ in the tech. Now a new publisher has revealed that it is ‘excited’ to be working in VR, namely on the Oculus Rift head-mounted display (HMD) on PC. That publisher is Square Enix, the company behind the likes of Final Fantasy, Kingdom Hearts, Hitman and much more.


The publisher confirmed as much following Oculus VR’s pre-E3 press conference today in Los Angeles, California. “Congrats @oculus on your conference!” Square Enix noted online. “We’re excited to be working on such a revolutionary new platform!” It’s not clear just what the company is working on VR, nor if it is working with other HMDs such as the HTC Vive and Project Morpheus on PlayStation 4.

Plenty of other companies have been revealed to be collaborating with Oculus VR today. Microsoft is perhaps the most surprising, revealing that its Windows 10 operating system (OS) would allow players to stream Xbox One videogames from their console and into a virtual cinema in the Oculus Rift. Other big developers such as Insomniac Games and Ready At Dawn have also confirmed that they were working on the device.

VRFocus will continue to follow Square Enix closely, reporting back with the latest updates from the publisher.