Sony London Studios Talk to BBC Click

Now that the crazy week that was the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) has drawn to a close for another year, and gamers are keener than ever to dive into the world of virtual reality, VRFocus has seen how the larger media in general is getting the message of VR out into the wider world. Sony Computer Entertainment (SCE) London Studios, the team behind The London Heist recently spoke with Marc Cieslak from BBC Click about making videogames for VR.

In the interview BBC Click spoke with Brynley Gibson, Executive Producer at London Studios, Brynley said “we firmly believe we should build the experiences from the ground up because 360 degree game play is unique, and if your restricted to traditional game play you won’t get the best out of virtual reality”. He goes on to say ” you can’t control where they’re going to look but what you can do is lead their eye, first off sound is a great way of doing it”.


Brynley goes on to describe how they use these different elements in London Studios current title The London Heist for various effects. VRFocus has reported previously on the VR videogame, London Heist appears to be a first-person shooter (FPS) set in the seedy underbelly of the London underworld, very similar to The Getaway, a previous title by the same studio made for the PlayStation 2. As the videogame has been made specifically for Project Morpheus the title uses SCE’s PlayStation Move motion controllers.

VRFocus will be bringing further announcements from London Studios about The London Heist when they are available.