Sketchfab raises $7 million for 3D & VR

Content is king as they say, and Sketchfab, a 3D model visualisation and upload service which already counts 300,000+ 3D files uploaded to date, has just announced a $7 million fundraising campaign led by FirstMark Capital’s Matt Turak, in participation with previous investors.

The 3D specialist company is at the forefront of 3D and virtual reality (VR) technology, integrating with Facebook (to show 3D models in your newsfeed) as well as with the Microsoft HoloLens. With the spotlight now firmly fixed on VR and augmented reality by some of the largest technology companies like Google (Google Glass, Cardboard), Facebook with its acquisition of Oculus VR and Microsoft with HoloLens. There are going to be more companies which require 3D and VR content from for their products, and Sketchfab’s library of products is well placed for this market.


In an interview with Rude Bagette, Sketchfab CEO and Co-Founder Aldan Denoyel was asked about whether the company will be storing animating VR files in the future, to which the CEO said “We are working on animation support, so you’ll be able to publish small animated scenes, like a character walking, or doors opening in the car. Since whatever you publish on Sketchfab is ready for VR, this will be usable as VR scenes. Typical example: one of the Oculus (VR) official demos is a Trex working on you in a corridor, you’ll be able to publish that on Sketchfab.”

So with more companies looking at VR as being commercially viable option for the future, adopters of VR technology are sure to have a plenty of content to play with.


VRFocus will be report on any more announcements from Sketchfab in the future.