Simplifed: AMD Explain LiquidVR In New Video Series

The Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) isn’t just about what goes in to making videogames, apps and experiences. It’s about the hardware and what goes in to making that too. Hardware company AMD have been having their own E3 livestream this afternoon and laying out some of the details of its future hardware releases.

One of the aspects it also discussed was its work on its LiquidVR project. A research and development initiative with the goal of creating both immersive and also comfortable virtual reality (VR) experiences, an example being Kite & Lightning’s Neuro which was also shown at the event.

In order to help explain things with LiquidVR, AMG have produced a series of videos to cover all the technical aspects. The first of these is an introduction designed to lay things out as simply as possible.

You can view AMD Simplified LiquidVR below:

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