Rebellion: Sony Providing ‘fantastic support’ & ‘plenty’ of Morpheus Dev Kits‏

Rebellion Developments made an unexpected announcement at E3 in the form of a Battlezone reboot that VRFocus has reported on and also previewed. Now Rebellion’s CEO, Jason Kingsley, has spoken about the support that Sony Computer Entertainment (SCE) has shown the project.

On Rebellion’s website blog Kingsley wrote, “VR of course, is an exciting challenge, you have to throw so many traditional game design rules out the window and start afresh. In this respect PlayStation gave us some fantastic support — providing us with plenty of Morpheus development kits and chatting with our coders and designers on a regular basis to help us develop on this new platform.”


He goes on to say, “Battlezone is now considered by many as the first ever virtual reality game. It was both rudimentary and revolutionary. The isolation from the world around you, the perception of depth and “being” in that world — even a simple one — was like nothing else at the time. And without Battlezone and that sense of wonder and unlimited possibility, Chris (Kingsley, Rebellion co-founder and CTO to this day) and I might never have started making our own games, or formed Rebellion.”

Rebellion Developments is well known for the Sniper Elite series of games and Alien vs Predator amongst others, but this is the developers first foray into virtual reality (VR) and SCE are keen to offer support to ensure Battlezone is a worthy addition to the Project Morpheus line-up.

VRFocus will be following Rebellion Developments and Battlezone announcements and reporting ant further progress.