Qualcomm, More Invest in Matterport’s Reconstruction VR tech

Investment in virtual reality (VR) companies is rife right now. Earlier today, for example, eye-tracking head-mounted display (HMD) FOVE revealed that it has received funding from Samsung Ventures. Now computer vision tech and immersive media company Matterport has announced $30 million USD series C financing that will allow it to expand its work in VR. The new round brings total funding for the company to some $56 million, with backers including the likes of smartphone processor developer, Qualcomm.


The investment arm of Qualcomm, Qualcomm Ventures, is included on a list of other investors such as AMD Ventures, Lux Capital and iGlobe Partners. Matterport will use the funding to ‘accelerate development’ of its mobile capture service for both VR and augmented reality (AR). These spaces can be used with head-mounted displays (HMDs) such as the Oculus Rift. The tech reconstructs real-world spaces, allowing for user-generated content within both. Elsewhere, the money will help expand the developer platform for web and mobile apps.

“Matterport’s mission is to give people the freedom to experience any place, at any time,” said Bill Brown, Matterport CEO. “Three keys to realizing that mission are the ability to have real-world immersive content viewed on the growing number of VR headsets, consumer capture using mobile devices, and a vibrant ecosystem of third-party application developers. We envision a world where an immersive photo-realistic version of every space — be it a home, apartment, office, business, retail store, museum, hotel, venue or other place of interest — is available to consumers, on demand.”

VRFocus will continue to follow Matterport’s progress, reporting back with the latest on the company.