Project Morpheus Leak Suggests New Name, Second Move Controller

It can be easy to forget that the codename Project Morpheus is exactly that. Sony Computer Entertainment revealed its PlayStation 4 virtual reality (VR) head-mounted display (HMD) last year with this branding, and is yet to give it an official name. However, a recent leak seems to reveal what could well be the official name for the device. The same leak also allegedly reveals a brand new version of the company’s motion controller in PlayStation Move 2.

The leak suggests that Project Morpheus could now be named ‘PlayStation RealEyes’. It was first revealed by Sony Rumours, who seems to have had access to some promotional materials for SCE’s upcoming E3 showcase. The name can be seen in one particular image which, although not clear, seems to refer to SCE’s device by this label. It could also be that this is the name of a new PlayStation camera, which has traditionally sported the ‘Eye’ branding in the past.

Also seen is an apparent second iteration of PlayStation Move, which the same image brands as a prototype at this point in time. The original controller is a wand shape with a bulb-like light at one end for tracking. This new device seemingly consists of two controllers that resemble the handles of the DualShock device. The left hand device holds the square and circle buttons while the X and triangle buttons appear on the right. Both also appear to have their respective shoulder buttons and tracking lights.

The company has its annual E3 press conference set for 15th June, so we’ll likely hear much more about these leaks around that time. Last week saw Oculus VR reveal its official input solution for the Oculus Rift virtual reality (VR) head-mounted display (HMD) in Oculus Touch. VR fans have also already seen the input solution for Valve’s HTC Vive, delivered by SteamVR. How will SCE’s new device measure up to these two? Hopefully all will be revealed on Monday.

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