Photorealistic Character Models Seen in TECHNOLUST Scanlines Shots

Earlier this week indie developer IRIS VR confirmed that it would be bringing its virtual reality (VR) videogame franchise, TECHNOLUST, to both the Project Morpheus PlayStation 4 and the HTC Vive PC head-mounted displays (HMDs) with TECHNOLUST Scanlines. The videogame is set to use Quantum Capture photoscanning technology in order to deliver photorealistic character models. The first images of these character models can now be seen below.

In TECHNOLUST Scanlines players are cast as a security professional that is placed in charge of a checkpoint known as a Scanline. Characters such as the ones seen below will approach this checkpoint and players will have to use scanners, questions and, eventually, their own judgement to decide whether or not to let them through. The title takes full advantage of the PlayStation Move motion controllers and Valve’s motion tracked controllers.

VRFocus will continue to follow TECHNOLUST Scanlines, reporting back with the latest updates on the project.

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