Oculus CEO ‘wants to move quickly’ on Oculus Rift life cycle

After all the recent press coverage on virtual reality (VR) company Oculus VR everyone knows or should know that the consumer version is to be released in Q1 2016. But what many may not realise is that Oculus VR are already thinking of future versions of its head-mounted display (HMD).

Game Informer spoke to Oculus CEO Brendan Iribe about the HMD’s life cycle. He said: “This isn’t going to be the console five, six, seven year life cycle. VR is going to move too fast. It’s going to innovate and evolve really rapidly. We’ve already seen with the Rift from inception to shipping a product, we’ll have gone through two developer kits, many prototypes leading to a consumer Rift at high quality. We’re going to come out with another prototype some amount of time after we ship the Rift, and then we’re going to come out with another consumer product. We want to move quickly here, but we also want to give developers time to create content and ship against an install base. If we move too quickly, we need to always ensure absolute backward compatibility, so that everybody’s content works on the next generation as we’re updating.”


Iribe added: “There’s that happy medium between the console life cycle, which is far too long, and the smart-phone cycle, which is every six months or so. That’s a little too short for where VR is going to begin. It’s somewhere in between,” he explains. “We’re still trying to figure when our version two would come together and what features will land in it. If there’s a feature that would take an extra three to five months, we might push out the schedule if it’s that compelling of a feature. It’s too early to tell now. At this point, it’s all sights focused on shipping Rift and Touch.”

So while no schedule has been put into place, there will be a quicker turnaround of HMD versions than other areas of the videogame market, as and when further features develop.

The Oculus Touch controllers, the other big reveal at E3 will be shipping in the first half of 2016, not long after the Oculus Rift as VRFocus has previously reported.

VRFocus will be reporting any more update and announcements by Oculus VR in the coming months.