Nod Labs get $13.5 Million for Nod Backspin & Nod Ring

Nod Labs, a specialist in gesture recognition and motion tracking hardware, has raised $13.5 million in Series A funding, to market the Nod Backspin, a multiplatform virtual reality (VR) videogame controller.

Nod Labs first product, Nod Ring, launched in 2014 is a precise 3D gesture tracking device utilizing motion-tracking, touch and tactile input to let users engage with virtually any immersive platform that is Bluetooth enabled. Now Nod Labs has developed the first multiplatform controller designed for VR with low latency, sub-millimeter accuracy hand tracking, and traditional joystick and analogue controls.

Nod Backspinnod_ring_1

Anush Elangovan, Founder and CEO at Nod Labs said ‘both Nod Backspin and Nod Ring provide a fully immersive user experience that makes for extraordinarily rich and beautiful experiences in a virtual, augmented or real world’.While the Nod Ring allows natural hand gestures, like a wave of the hand or pointing a gun, the Nod Backspin takes that idea one step further by adding a thumb stick and buttons for more input options.

Nod Backspin and Nod Ring currently support Google Cardboard, OculusDK2 head-mounted display (HMD), OSVR HMD, Gear VR and ZEISS VR One for VR; and the ability to control your 3DR, DJI and Parrot Drones.

Any further updates from Nod Labs on the Nod Backspin, VRFocus will be there to report on.