Nintendo’s Fils-Aime Not A Fan Of Current VR

With the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) over for another year, it has been reassuring to see over the last week such a fervent interest in virtual reality (VR) from the videogames industry at large. The big hitters like Sony and Microsoft were showing off their latest technology, Project Morpheus and Hololens respectively. But the other stalwart of the industry, Nintendo, had nothing on show in regards to VR.

In recent interview with Polygon, Nintendo of America’s President and COO, Reggie Fils-Aime, was asked if there were any ideas for Nintendo to work on their own VR device.  The response from the COO was that VR wasn’t a priority for Nintendo at the moment and even though the technology is there it wasn’t fun or social. Fils-Aime stating “I haven’t walked the floor, so I can’t say in terms of what’s on the floor today, but at least based on what I’ve seen to date, it’s not fun, and it’s not social. It’s just tech.”


Nintendo are usually at the forefront of gaming innovation whether it was the N64 controller with its analogue stick or the Wii’s motion controls, Nintendo always seem to be the ones eager to push the boundaries of videogame experiences. Lets not forget the Virtual Boy back in the nineties was a VR device, although not of the same caliber of today’s devices and turned into a giant flop for the company.

Maybe Nintendo are just buying time, waiting to see how the VR industry progresses. After all it’s only a few months away until the first head-mounted displays come on general sale, then the true test of VR begins.

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