Nike Brings The Neymar Jr. Effect To YouTube 360

It was only yesterday that YouTube revealed an update involving its commitment to virtual reality (VR). YouTube is of course owned by Google, which already works with the Google Cardboard head-mounted display (HMD). It also announced some time back the Google Jump system for 360 degree live action video filming which included amongst its parts included a planned update for the YouTube app.

Now that the update has arrived, although only on Android for now, we’ve seen our second piece of major marketing use of YouTube’s 360 degree mode in a week. Following the partnership with forthcoming feature film Terminator Genisys, sports giant Nike are the latest company to use this form of VR presentation to advertise and market their products.

Created to promote Nike’s new Hypervenom II brand of boot, the video, entitled The Neymar Jr. Effect sees you take on the viewpoint of the Brazilian football (soccer) ace as he uses all his skill in order to undo the defence of a rival team. The 360 view allows you to see all the action around the generated stadium, including a number of Easter Eggs inserted into the video such as hidden messages and even a streaker. Some viewers may find it slightly odd, as having used a head-mounted camera looking behind Neymar results in you looking through a hole where his head should be but it is certainly another clever marketing move using one of the hottest technologies around.

We will no doubt see more companies use VR to advertise over the coming months, be it through reference like Pepsi, 360 degree video like Nike or VR simulation as with Castrol. Whichever it is, VRFocus will be there to tell you about it.