Coatsink: VR to be ‘the next step for games’

Virtual reality (VR) is going mainstream, well soon anyway. An easy way to tell when new technology is catching on tends to be when mainstream media starts reporting on the recent buzz from shows like the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) rather than just specialist sites like VRFocus.

In a recent interview with Newsbeat, UK based developer Coatsink’s CEO Tom Beardsmore talks about all things VR and how the company sees the future in VR.

Beardsmore describes to Newsbeat about VR: “It’s become clearer that VR is going to be the next step for games and visualisation. It’s the first time, really, since the PlayStation 1 or the early days of 3D gaming where people get truly excited, shocked and amazed by the experience.” He adds “It’s entirely new, you’re completely immersed in whatever world is presented to you.”


Newsbeat asked about the limitations of VR to which Beardsmore said “There are a lot of limitations around control schemes for VR because you can’t really use a control pad without making yourself feel a little bit nauseous. That’s a limitation that you have to design around at the moment. But you can still do a lot within the limited framework of the control scheme.” Beardsmore goes on to say “Same thing happened with touch-screen phones and tablets. Nobody really thought they would work for gaming but look what happened.”

To read the full interview head on over to Newsbeat,.VRFocus will continue to report on Coatsink and follow all the latest announcements.