New To VR: When In Rome… Colosseum VR Comes To WEARVR

As we have seen virtual reality (VR) is not just about videogames. True, there are many VR videogame experiences and when all is said and done the medium is likely to be judged (though not live or die as some say) by the quality of the entertainment experiences put out for it.

However, as we know on New To VR videogames are not the be-all and end-all for VR and one of the richest and most creative topics for using VR is for education.

Colosseum VR Today’s offering, Colosseum VR, fits squarely in that educational bracket, taking you back in time to the heyday of one of Rome’s most magnificent architectural wonders. The Colosseum, or to use its alternate name, was constructed over almost a decade from 70-72AD to 80AD, could hold over 50,000 people and was used for a number of public events including battle re-enactments, executions and, perhaps most famously, battles between gladiators.

Developed by Unimersiv, responsible for such VR apps as Learn Meditation and Teleport (Google Street View for VR), Colosseum VR allows you to explore the then intact edifice and see what it used to look like.

Available through WEARVR, users will need an Oculus Rift DK2 head-mounted display in order to use the app. Return to VRFocus tomorrow for more new applications for VR.