New To VR: Run Amok In Your Own Laboratory In Chemistry Experiment VR

We begin the week on ‘New To VR with an interactive virtual reality (VR) environment. Most all of us have a story from school, or college where someone got a little bit overzealous in the science lab and there was either a fire or an explosion which resulted in something being destroyed, the lab being damaged, the student being suspended – or even the teacher being fired.

Chemistry Experiment VR

Created as a proof of concept demo for a possible larger, future project, in Chemistry Experiment VR you get the chance to interact, experiment – or even run amok – without the dangers a normal lab may pose. (Or to look at it from another perspective, to allow you to make mistakes without the consequences.) There are plenty of interactive elements to work with, just remember that if you place the contents of test tube A into jug B the reaction is set to be the same as in real life. There’s plenty of combustible elements, destructible elements and according to its creator Carlos Ginés Vázquez there are even some surprises hidden for those that look hard enough.

Compatible with the Oculus Rift DK1 and DK2 head-mounted devices (HMDs) Chemistry Experiment VR is available as a free download on both Oculus VR Share and WEARVR.

VRFocus will bring you more through the week.