New To VR: Plan Your Mayhem In Car Car Crash

Depending upon your virtual reality (VR) platform there is a number of racing games available, each with their own specific spin. There is the likes of VR Karts: Sprint, Radial-G: Racing Revolved, whilst the Oculus Rift has numerous titles up top and including mainstream offerings like  Project CARS which offers support for the PC-based head-mounted device (HMD).

Car Car Crash

Today’s New To VR does involve cars and racing of a sort, but it certainly cannot be placed in the same videogame bracket as those titles listed above. Car Car Crash isn’t a normal racer, for a start you aren’t driving the cars per se, although you are directing them. It also features tactical and some puzzle elements.  The aim of the game is to have as many cars as possible on the grid-shaped road layout, a layout you can change where needed.  For every other car you have running around the track you receive points, however you also will receive points for when cars collide and there are police cars that will appear too and cause mischief.

So in short you want the most cars, the most carnage and the most points possible. Make sure you don’t leave all your cars in harm’s way though, if your last vehicle crashes into a police blockade or other obstacle the game ends.

Developed by Dan Scott of Chocolate Fudge Games, Car Car Crash is compatible with the Oculus Rift DK2 on Windows and is available on WEARVR as a free download.

VRFocus will be back tomorrow with another app, videogame or experience that is New To VR.