New To VR: Leap Into A New Reality In Lemma

The idea of a videogame game based on the world of free running is not a new one, the idea of course being popularised by Electronic Arts and their Mirror’s Edge franchise. Parkour isn’t a new topic to virtual reality (VR) either; we’ve seen several videogames based on the topic with varying degrees of similarity to the aforementioned EA offering.

New VR videogame Lemma falls into the camp of being familiar but also very different. Developed by Evan Todd for the Oculus Rift DK2 head-mounted display (HMD), Lemma takes you on delightfully surreal first-person journey through a voxel-styled world.  Walls, platforms and other surfaces manifest themselves out of nowhere as the world changes around you as you run through futuristic locations and strange natural (or not) phenomena. Nothing is never quite what it seems.

Available on Steam and through WEARVR, you can find a preview video of Lemma below which shows far better than I could describe just what awaits you.

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