New To VR: Get Your Head In The Game With VR Soccer Header

If you read the headline of this piece and were watching Sony’s E3 conference you’d be forgiven for taking a moment to run it back over in your mind.  There was indeed a virtual reality (VR) videogame as part of Sony’s (far too short) presentation on Project Morpheus where you played football (soccer) and headed balls into a net. That though was Headmaster, and that game whilst similar is somewhat more unorthodox to what is presented here.

VR Soccer Header

A straight on simulator for football skills, in VR Soccer Header you play in the middle of a stadium. Balls will be crossed in to your user-controlled player and you must head the ball with the correct mix of power and precision to not only hit the target but beat the goalkeeper as well.

Developed in Android, VR Soccer Header is now available over on WEARVR’s sharing platform and is compatible with Google Cardboard, the Durvois Dive, Homido and Carl Zeiss VR One head-mounted displays (HMDs).

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