New To VR: Escape A Space Station In Tactical FPS Meltdown

Those of you who have been waiting for a virtual reality (VR) videogame with something of a classic feel we might just have the title for you. A title for Mac, Windows, iOS, Android and Linux, Meltdown is a tactical isometric shooter with its roots firmly in the arcade but with one foot firmly in the future having just released support for the Oculus Rift DK2 head-mounted display (HMD).

Phenomenon Games - Meltdown

The first title from Phenomenon Games, Meltdown has you take control of Zed – a space marine-like character trapped on a space station in a far flung part of the cosmos. The station has become overrun with hostile forces following an accident and it is up to you to battle your way out using an array of weapons from machine guns to flamethrowers and electroshock weapons and even a crossbow.

Levels are randomly generated, meaning a different experience awaits you every time you play, whilst loot gained throughout your journey can be used to upgrade your character. The game even includes cross-platform co-operative multiplayer.

If you want to try Meltdown you can find the related download links on WEARVR, with the Windows version currently available on Steam Early Access. You can view a trailer for the game below.

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