New OSVR Dev Kit Gets Positional Tracking, Android Support Announced

It’s been a busy E3 for virtual reality (VR) technology so far. VR enthusiasts have already seen updates from the likes of Oculus VR, Sony Computer Entertainment, and, to some extent, Valve, but now it’s time to turn attention to the developer-focused VR kit from Open-Source Virtual Reality (OSVR). This unique ecosystem was announced all the way back in January with its own OSVR Hacker Dev Kit, designed as a cheap and simple head-mounted display (HMD) for VR development. Today, the group has revealed updates to that HMD which include positional tracking.

OSVR has announced the OSVR Hacker Dev Kit version 1.2, which has been approved for distribution and is now being sent out for free to a number of ‘selected developers’. The main addition here is the introduction of IR positional tracking. An IR upgrade kit will be available to those that own previously editions of the device. The tracking technology is said to feed positional information at 100 Hz over 360 degrees. A table, seen below, lists the individual components seen in the different versions of the device along with pricing and release dates.

Elsewhere, OSVR has detailed new modules coming to the HMD that will add a wide range of support. It was already known that a new module with Leap Motion wireless hand-tracking is coming, though another is set to increase the Field of View (FOV) of the kit to 150 degrees, provided by Wearailty. Also on the way is a Mobile Faceplate, which will allow OSVR users to combine the HMD with a wide number of smartphones running on the Android operating system (OS). Android support also arrives in a software update as does direct support of external VRPN servers, a Windows Installer update, and additional support documentation.

In terms of new members, OSVR is adding Alchemy Learning, A-Volute, Big Bonsai Gms, Cineveo, Corelabs, Coretronic Corporation, Dolphin, Ghost Machine, Kermdinger Studios, Inc, MAG Studios, Manus Machina, MergVR, MureVR, NeuroDigital Technologies, NivalVR, Perception Nueron, Virt, Virtulify, VimersiV, Wearality, Voxelnauts and 3DiVi company to its every-growing list.

VRFocus will continue to follow OSVR closely, reporting back with the latest updates on its progress.