New London Meetup Announced: Virtual Reality And Its Game Changing Impact

Casual meetups have been the life bread of the virtual reality (VR) community for over a year now. From the hugely popular Silicon Valley Virtual Reality (SVVR), which has spawned it’s own annual convention, to events hosted by the likes of Bossa Studios, Playhubs and Inition. Another new event series has today been announced, ‘Virtual Reality And Its Game Changing Impact’, from the former organiser of the latter.

Jonathan Tustain, formerly communications manager at Inition and now Managing Director at Freefly VR, has today announced a new meetup group aimed at both VR professionals and enthusiasts. Taking place next month, the event will allow for attendees to share their work and test new VR products.

Gear VR for Samsung Galaxy S6

“Testing products like Lucidcam and Samsung VR to discuss VR being applied to things such as travel, fitting rooms, education, exercise, and other things beyond gaming. While testing out various products that can have a game changing impact on how we live,” reads the official description of the meetup.

The event is free to attend, however there currently appears to be some confusion over the location. You can find more details on the official meetup.com page for the event and VRFocus will keep you updated with any further UK based meetups for VR enthusiasts.