N1 Technologies Inc. Files Patent for Osiris Optium Camera System

Florida based N1 Technologies Inc announced that the company has filed for a Patent on its Osiris Optium Camera System. NanoSave Technologies the company’s R&D arm designed the advanced observation platform for commercial and military use.

N1 Technologies Inc and its R&D arm NanoSave Technologies are specialists in nano technology and more well known within the automotive industries for oils and lubricants rather than anything to do with virtual realty (VR). The Osiris Optium Camera System is a camera array featuring 102 sixteen mega pixel cameras, each fitted with a 10 step optical zoom which feed a 1632 mega pixel data stream. The ultra light weight array can fit into almost all existing camera mounts and housings with little modification. Once captured the image is divided into 2 images that are processed by a mosaic program and outputted in 3D. The video image is captured as 4K Ultra High Definition Video.


The raw video data is processed via sophisticated virtual reality (VR) software and outputted to VR headsets and 4K UHD video walls.

CEO Steve Lovern is quoted as saying “We feel the uses for the new Osiris Optium Camera System are endless. This system provides users with a big tool box”

With N1 Technologies Inc only just filing the patent for the Osiris Optium Camera System the future for VR in 4K is unknown but VRFocus will continue to follow any further developments and report back.