UPDATED: Loading Human Gets New Trailer and Publisher

It’s finally E3 week, and virtual reality (VR) fans are in for a packed few days of trailers, announcements and more. First up is Untold Games, the developer behind upcoming VR adventure title, Loading Human. This first-person experience has recently seen the launch of a brand new trailer. Said trailer can now be seen below.

The clip, which runs for nearly a minute and a half, recaps some of the upcoming title’s features, including the developer’s own U:N:I:C:S system. Furthermore, it’s been confirmed that Loading Human is now being published by Maximum Games.

“After a lot of meetings and talking, we finally found the perfect partner to develop this adventure with. Maximum Games published numerous high-quality titles in many different genres so they really know the video game industry and consumers,” Untold Games said of its new publisher. “(By the way, one of them is the amazing adventure “sherlock holmes: crimes and punishments” so they will be really heplful in developing loading human.)”

VRFocus will continue to follow Loading Human closely, reporting back with the latest updates on the title.

Update: The quote above contains an error. Sherlock Holmes: Crimes and Punishments is not published by Maximum Games but instead Focus Home Interactive. VRFocus apologises for any confusion.