Latest WEARVR Top Ten Features Jetpacks, Seagulls And Evil Clowns

It’s Friday, which means WEARVR has released its latest Weekly Top Ten list for the week ending 12/06/2015. The most popular virtual reality (VR) experiences to be downloaded on the digital VR software store this week includes post-apocalyptic jetpack videogame Rocket Falls, the highly unusual perspective of downhill skiing videogame That Booty and a number of entries that we ourselves have featured in the last week as part of our regular ‘New To VR’ segment. Only HELIX – The Next Level is able to hold on from last week’s top ten. A video highlighting all ten VR apps can seen below.


The full chart is as follows:

10.Rocket Falls – DK2 (Windows)
9. HELIX – the next level– DK2 (Windows/Mac)
8. World Map XI – DK2 (Windows)
7. That Booty – DK1, DK2 (Windows/Mac)
6. Discovery Andalusia Tourism Demo – DK2 (Windows)
5. SplootDK1, DK2 (Windows/Mac)
4. Among Giants. Star Wars ATAT – DK2 (Windows)
3. Polyrider 2 – DK2 (Windows)
2. Faceted Flight – DK2 (Windows)
1. Cyberphobia  – DK2 (Windows)

VRFocus will continue to bring you the latest news from WEARVR, and will report back with any further updates.