Kumoon Launches on Steam Greenlight

The puzzle genre in videogames is popular, shooting stuff in videogames even more so. What about if the two genres are combined into one none violent, even tranquil videogame? Well new to launch on Steam Greenlight is a project aiming to do just that in Kumoon by Finnish developer Lucky You Studio. The campaign will hope to secure enough positive votes in order to approve the title for sale on Valve’s digital store.

Kumoon is a ballistic physics puzzle shooter. Lucky You Studio describe Kumoon as ‘ a pleasant challenge in a non-violent, non-combative environment’. The player controls a robot that has to navigate a variety of puzzles by shooting and manoeuvring through the world.


The game is based on a title that won the Assembly 2005 Gamedev competition, and now two of those original students have teamed up with two current students from the same school to polish it up and make it work in virtual reality (VR).

A Kumoon demo is available now to download for PC and Mac with support for Oculus Rift currently, and the studio hope to add more head-mounted displays (HMD) as soon as possible.

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