Kickstarter For 360º Video Camera Sphericam 2 Goes Live

Early today we reported on Neo, a new virtual reality (VR) camera system from Jaunt that looks to revolutionise the use of VR for cinematography. Now a new Kickstarter campaign is also looking to bring VR content creation to the masses with a brand new product.

Sphericam 2Sphericam 2 is the new camera from Sphericam Inc which is looking for backing on the web-based crowdfunding platform. A series of six cameras in a system the size of a tennis ball, Sphericam 2 is, according to its makers, able to produce 360º video with global shutter capture at 60FPS and spherical vision with 4K resolution. Video can be automatically stitched together in real-time by the device at 30FPS whilst wi-fi and streaming options are also available.

The campaign is now live on Kickstarter and at the time of writing is already on its way to being a 25% funded after a few hours. A preview video for the project can be found below:

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