Get A Grasp Of The VR Ecosystem In This All Things VR Flowchart

The world of virtual reality (VR) can be a confusing and complicated place, with development occurring all the time, console and mobile versions, multiple stakeholders and rights players, some companies working together and some working against. If you’re a newcomer you may be surprised at some of the names involved and even more so the amount of investment already made in VR technologies. Moreover there’s people involved in different parts of the industry, in different creative aspects too not to mention the split between hardware and software.

In order to help you through the current ecosystem our friends at All Things VR have produced a quick at-a-glance flowchart that’s essentially a Who’s Who of VR companies and that breaks down everything.  It might just be of help to industry newcomers and veterans alike.

You can view the static image below or alternatively follow this link where you can find a clickable version.


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