First Full Image of the Consumer Oculus Rift Revealed

The moment that virtual reality (VR) fans have been waiting nearly three years for is finally here. Oculus VR, creator of the Oculus Rift head-mounted display (HMD) first raised over $2 million USD for its device back in 2012. After two years of new prototypes and development kits, the company is finally ready to start talking about the consumer version, which is launching in Q1 2016. To that extent, the VR specialist is currently hosting a pre-E3 press conference in which it is detailing more about the device. It’s just revealed the first full image of it, which can now be seen below, which you can compared with the banner image above of the original concept for the device.


An early look at Oculus VR’s work leaked out earlier in the week, although the company was quick to clarify that some of these images were ‘ancient’. Just which of them still ring true remains to be seen.

There’s still plenty more to learn about the consumer Oculus Rift. Along with the remainder of this event, the company will of course be at E3 in Los Angeles, California next week, hopefully with more to show. VRFocus is at the pre-E3 show to deliver the latest updates on the device and will be at E3 to report on all VR technology.