Faceted Flight Announces Project Morpheus support

Earlier this month VRFocus reported on a new Kickstarter campaign for Faceted Flight, a virtual reality (VR) stunt flying game available to download for free on WEARVR for users of the Oculus Rift DK2 head-mounted display (HMD).

Now Faceted Flight’s creator Matthew Scott has updated his Kickstarter page to announce that the videogame will be coming to Sony Computer Entertainment (SCE) PlayStation 4 and Project Morpheus HMD.

In his update Matt says, “It’s a dream come true to work with Sony on releasing Faceted Flight for PS4 and on the Morpheus.” Going on to say, “The Morpheus immerses you inside Faceted Flight in a way previous PlayStation games have never achieved. Once you put the headset on, you’ll swear you’re sitting in the cockpit a Hover-Jet. We can track your every head movement, and even the motion of your Dual Shock 4 controllers to create an incredibly responsive and immersive gameplay experience.”


The videogame will also support multiplayer over the PlayStation Network, regardless of whether you have a Project Morpheus or not.

A new PlayStation reward tier has also been added. Back the campaign at $24 or above to get Faceted Flight on PlayStation 4 and Project Morpheus. For those that have already bought the art book or special edition, a survey will be sent out at the end of the campaign for backers to choose to receive either a PlayStation Network or Steam Key.

VRFocus will be reporting on Faceted Flight updates and its Kickstarter campaign.