Epic Games doesn’t want bad VR

During the recent Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) in Los Angeles, there was a buzz around virtual reality (VR) as the next greatest leap in technology for videogames and entertainment in general. In a recent interview with Engadget, Epic Games, creators of Unreal Engine, talk VR and how easy it is to have “terrible” VR experiences.

Engadget spoke with Chief Technology Officer Kim Libreri and Unreal Engine General Manager Ray Davis about the state of VR and how collaboration was important between companies to make sure VR experiences are enjoyable. Davis says  “It’s actually really, really great that they (Microsoft & Oculus VR) found that connection, because it’s really easy to have terrible VR experiences — it’s like the Wild Wild West out there,” adding “On the PC front, having a good partnership between Rift and Windows 10 increases the chances that it’ll actually work consistently well. That’s always been the Windows problem; it’s such a wide-open hardware ecosystem, you don’t know what kind of drivers you have or the right GPU, all that kind of stuff.”


Libreri and Davis also think that having a set of standards for VR and its development is key, Libreri says “We wanna make sure that, whatever platform developers choose to use, they’re well supported in UE 4,” with Davis adding “It’s always been sort of our [approach] with the engine. Even going all the way back to the original Xbox [360] and pushing back on Microsoft to make sure they put enough memory in it.”

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