Dlodlo Talks VR Glasses, Clarifies Head-Tracking and More

Virtual reality (VR) is set to finally hit the consumer market towards the end of the year, but not as a pair of stylish sunglasses.  Instead, the VR head-mounted displays (HMDs) that will be introduced to the masses resemble something much bulkier. This is forgiveable in the technology’s early stages, of course, but not to Dlodlo VR. This new VR kit claims to be achieving the dream of a light, stylish HMD right now. VRFocus recently spoke to the developer behind the kit about how it was achieving this. 



In the interview below, Dlodlo VR talks about its device, how it’s reached the 120g weight and more.

VRFocus: There hasn’t been any mention of head-tracking for the Dlodlo VR Glasses. Is this feature included?

Dlodlo: Dlodlo VR built-ins 2 gyros, it runs fast and precise tracking

VRFocus:You mention that the kit works with ‘gaming systems’. What systems are these and how do they connect?

Dlodlo: We developed our own VR operation system- Dlos, it can work independently without to connect any external devices.

VRFocus: How were you able to achieve the 120g weight?

Dlodlo: Dlodlo VR is the thinnest and lightest; we had made many breakthroughs on the optics design, electronic design, material design, softer ware, and algorithm etc.

VRFocus: Are you developing your own software to support the device?

Dlodlo: Yes, we are, but we will open our platform and welcome to all developers in.

VRFocus: The glasses are also wire-free. What kind of battery life can users expect?

Dlodlo: Users are always looking forward to long-time experience and Dlodlo VR has the more than 3-4 hours capacity and removable battery.

VRFocus: Will you be releasing further iterations of the device with updated specs?

Dlodlo: Yes, we will, we will keep updating on our products to seek the better using experience

VRFocus: When are you planning to bring the device to third-party retailers in Europe and the US?

Dlodlo: Dlodlo VR will on sales starting September, not only in Europe and the  US , but also in Asia and Meddle East we will build a wide sales systems.