Dean Hall Making Valve VR Title

Dean Hall, creator of videogame studio RocketWerkz is a busy man right now. The developer, originally from New Zealand, has been at E3 this week to take part in Microsoft’s press conference on 15th June 2015. There Hall confirmed that both his iconic original title and a brand new videogame, Ion, would be coming to the Xbox One console. But this isn’t all that the developer is working on, as he has also confirmed that his studio is just starting production on a new title for SteamVR.

HTC Vive

Hall stated as much to Eurogamer at E3 this week. When asked if the studio was looking at virtual reality (VR), he replied: “My studio RocketWerkz is, yeah,” though it was then clarified that Ion would not be a VR title. He noted that it was just starting work on the title though had already told Valve, the company behind the SteamVR system and the HTC Vive head-mounted display (HMD), that he would be creating the title. He noted that Valve’s Chet Faliszek had been a ‘huge mentor’ to him, and had helped him decide to make this title.

“Chet Faliszek was like a huge mentor to me,” Hall said. “He contacted me very early on in DayZ’s development and he’s been all through everything – he’s been a huge mentor. And I actually got a chance to seem him speak, and I spoke myself, at Slush Play [a gaming and VR conference] in Iceland. And, to be honest, that was the final convincing for me. So I really liked what he had to say.” No actual details about the project have been revealed other than it will be a ‘much simpler game’ and that it’s being developed in the New Zealand arm of the studio.

With Ion only just announced, VR fans will likely have to wait a while to hear more about this project. VRFocus will continue to follow Hall’s work in VR, reporting back with the latest updates.