Darkfield VR Developers Creating Hand Tracking Spin-off Darkfield Infiltrator

The makers of virtual reality (VR) co-operative space shooter Darkfield VR have revealed in their latest monthly newsletter a new addition to the Darkfield universe. The new standalone videogame Darkfield Infiltrator is designed to bring in a number of recently announced technologies – specifically hand tracking – and it is through this input that players will control their in-game characters.

Darkfield Infiltrator - 1Taking on the role of a reconnaissance drone operator, you will need to guide your machine through various complexes, taking on enemies when required and acquiring needed data from terminals. This then ties back in with the main videogame’s plot as the data recovered includes the same holographic recordings that you can view as part of Darkfield VR’s single player experience.

The developers are not able to confirm yet as to whether or not Darkfield Infiltrator will use HTC Vive, Oculus Touch or even both. However, with the game being built to accommodate a room scale area of play and hand tracked input it will be made available on one of these platforms.  Lessons learnt from Infiltrator including the control scheme will then also be used to improve the experience of Darkfield VR, which is currently on Steam Early access.

Darkfield Infiltrator will be made free to current backers of the Darkside VR project as soon as it is ready. A video of the prototype in action can be seen below:

VRFocus will continue to follow Darkfield VR and bring you additional updates when released.

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