New To VR: Cyberphobia Comes To The Oculus Rift

Now available to download on Oculus share is horror simulation Cyberphobia, created by developer Spectral Illusions and is the first virtual reality (VR) videogame to come from a company which has experience in giving people the odd shock or two.

Cyberphobia simulates the phobias of real life in a single player videogame. After falling asleep during a psych 101 class you experience the phobias being discussed in the educational video being shown. From scary clowns to acrophobia (a fear of heights) and everything in between, Cyberphobia has been designed for one thing, facing your fears.

Cyberphobia image

Cyberphobia is recommeded to run on a powerful computer, running Windows (64-bit), having being created using Nvidia Geforce GTX970 and the second iteration of the Oculus Rift development kit aka DK2. Spectral Illusions is a company which specialises in Halloween video effects for home haunts and haunted attractions for projectors and televisons to create ghostly effects.

Cyberphobia can be downloaded from Oculus share and WEARVRVRFocus will bring you any further updates to Cyberphobia and Spectral Illusions foray into VR.