Crytek to Release ‘Experimental’ CryENGINE Updates

Crytek have today hosted a livestream speaking about the CryENGINE technology that the studio currently offers to videogame developers. Responding to live questions, Frank Vitz, Creative Director of CryENGINE, revealed that updates would be offered more regularly, including ‘experimental’ updates that will be available to licensees.

Speaking on the subject of virtual reality (VR), Vitz is confident that the latest release of CryENGINE, 3.8.1, was a significant enough update to allow people to begin working on projects for multiple head-mounted displays (HMDs). However, this is not the last of Crytek’s efforts to endear VR developers.

Crytek VR Demo screenshot

On the subject of regular updates, Vitz argued about the ‘trade-off’ between feature-rich releases and ensuring that the updates are stable: “We are trying to get it faster than it has been and more regular.” He continues, discussing the likes of Voxel GI, which is currently an experimental update for CryENGINE: “Hopefully we’re going to be releasing more experimental features going forward. By doing that, we can give it to our licensees, let them play with it, get their feedback, fix things and then shortly thereafter come out with the next release that takes all their input into consideration.”

David Paul Kaye, Build Engineer on CryENGINE, revealed later in the stream that the intention is to return to monthly release cycles Crytek had previously worked with. VRFocus will keep you updated with all the latest details on CryENGINE’s updates regarding VR development and implementation.