Crystal Rift Confirmed for HTC Vive as Developer Receives Kit

Back in April 2015 UK-based indie developer Psytec Games launched a pre-release version of its virtual reality (VR) dungeon crawler, Crystal Rift. The title, which is available through Steam Early Access, features full support for the Oculus Rift head-mounted display (HMD) and is also coming to the Gear VR mobile HMD. Many fans have of course wondered if the videogame would also be arriving on another upcoming VR device, the HTC Vive. Today, VRFocus can confirm that Crystal Rift will indeed be launching on the Valve-made kit.

A video of Psytec Games unwrapping its developer kit for the HTC Vive can be seen above. Psytec Games has actually been working on support for the device for the last few months and will be implementing full support for the SteamVR Room Scale tracking system, which uses a laser-based tracking station known as Lighthouse to allow players to walk around an area of up to 15 feet by 15 feet and have those movements replicated in-game. For those still hoping to play the title on Oculus Rift, it will feature the option to switch between settings for the two.

The HMD has also enabled the developer to create ‘room scale monsters’ which it says add a deeper level of scares and challenge to the experience. Furthermore, players will now be able to use a sword to fight back against these monsters, and the HTC Vive’s tracking controllers will allow players to realistically wield the weapon on the new kit. Crystals can be used with the sword to give it some magical abilities. Both of these new features can be seen in new screenshots below. Finally, the developer is also developing new mechanics for the second act of the title’s campaign.

How this news might affect the release of Crystal Rift and some of its other features such as the level editor is unknown. VRFocus will continue to follow the title closely, reporting back with any further updates on it.