Brown University Debuts VR Room

Companies have been experimenting with 3D and virtual reality (VR) for a long time now, but so have universities. Brown University has debut a VR room called ‘YURT’  which can be used by classes and researchers in biology, math, computer science, archaeology, astronomy, art, poetry, video gaming, and more.

Brown University first created a VR room in 1998 and over the course of about 15 years found there were problems with it. Problems included being too low resolution, not being bright enough, distracting corners and a ceiling that was missing. With the new ‘YURT’ VR room they looked at over coming these issues. The new shape enables the viewer to be completely surrounded with imagery, above and below. They want to being people in from various disciplines to fully maximise the potential of the new space.

Yurt is used for prototyping virtual reality applications, for some of Brown Universities science disciplines. Working with archaeologists, visual artists, digital literature and even for planetary geology where users can walk on mars.

The uses of a room like ‘YURT’ is boundless, for academics and professionals a like, and VRFocus will be covering an further news on ‘YURT’ and Brown University in the future.