Augmented Reality with Oculus Rift

Microsoft’s HoloLens is Augment Reality (AR) rather than virtual reality (VR) like Oculus Rift or Sony Computer Entertainment’s  (SCE) Project Morpheus. So what would it be like to combine the Oculus Rift with AR, well a hardware hacking team from TNG Technology Consulting GmbH have done just that, creating a sort of Terminator T-800 vision.

In an article on Intel’s Developer Zone,the mobile “TNG Augmented Rift” is a full field of view Augmented Reality device capable to do e.g. face tracking, face identification, emotion detection, heart rate detection, distance measurements, etc. Speech recognition for command and control is implemented as well.

The features include, see through – augmented reality head mounted display with Oculus Rift DK2, the ability to see a lot of real time elements inside the Augmented Rift in 3D. Other visual elements that are supported are, real environment mixed with augmented information and 3D objects, face detection elements, face tracking information, emotions, speech recognition for command and control and “Terminator mode” (world augmented with red-shaded textures).


The goal was to build a device made with off-the-shelf hardware in one working day. Within this short period of time eleven TNG software consultants were able to implement a prototype which is based on an Oculus Rift DK2 and an Intel RealSense F200 3D-camera. With some additional days and a core team of about six TNG software developers we were able to add some more features for the Augmented Rift.

Being created from off the shelf items does mean the unit is bulky to say the least but within a few years technology like the augmented rift could be the next generation of HoloLens as computers and cameras get even smaller.


Read the full article here, VRFocus will be reporting on these announcements as they come in.